Scheduling and Dispatching

Your business doesn’t stop.  With our 24/7 online product you can keep your projects moving and ensure your employees are notified where to be and when to be there!

Field Works 365 scheduling & Dispatching benefits

Explore some of the key features and benefits for your scheduling and dispatching needs.


One Click Dispatching Notifications

  • Eliminates time intensive texting and calling.
  • Streamlines communications with field staff.

Assignment Accountability

  • Field Personnel confirmations ensure that needs are met.
  • Highlights assignments that are not confirmed so that they can be directly addressed.

Rapid Cancellations

  • Minimizes staff churn and reduces the expense of unnecessary shows.
  • Captures clear documentation of when cancellations occur for processing of billing/payroll.

Drag and Drop Assignments

  • Allows for intuitive visualization of job assignments through drag and drop process on the Field Works 365 dispatch board.

Scorecard Overview

  • Dispatching scorecard provides an overview at a glance of organization’s performance, and how you are meeting client needs.
  • Field Works 365 allows you to quickly identify when you have issues that require remediation.

Geographic Optimizations

  • Improve staff retention and manage costs by quickly minimizing long drive-times.
  • Find and apply “close to home” assignments first.