Your business has been successful by doing things the right way: putting your customers and your staff first.  Field Works 365 allows you to use technology to “do the right thing” faster and more efficiently by empowering your teams with the right information at the right time and place. 

There are many benefits that Field Works 365 will bring to your organization, including:

Boost your financials

Field Works 365 delivers immediate financial value by helping you to increase revenues while improving cashflow from your existing work.  The software helps you to recover revenue that can be lost with paper tickets and timesheets.  By establishing a clear accounting of  billable activity, you can avoid timesheets that fall between the seats of a work truck and smeared, illegible tickets that can’t be billed.


Ease of use

Your staff should never be confused by your software and the data needed from the field. Field Works 365 has been designed to only present users with information that is important to them – making it clear where they need to be and what data needs to be recorded.  This tool is designed to eliminate confusion and avoid non-stop texts and calls requesting help and clarification in the field.

Save time, no need to manage licenses

There is no need to track or manage software licenses for your team during seasonal ebbs and flows because you pay by usage.  You can concentrate on what you do best – getting the job done!

Increase Revenue

By receiving data from the field in an electric format, you can remove data entry activities while jumpstarting your billing processes as soon as the data is entered.  With controls in place to ensure that charges match customer requirements, you will avoid customer complaints and further improve your cashflows.


Limit your risk with usage based pricing

Because we only charge you when the software is used, you won’t have bills for users that aren’t working right now, or pay a flat monthly fee for those that only worked a few days this month.  This pricing model means that your software bill won’t go up without your revenues also going up!

Start small, but start now

Our software design allow you to grow into more functions over time, without having to do a massive system build up front.  And as new features are developed and made available, we will keep you informed and make it accessible to you!

Want to gain some insight into how Field Works 365 could work for your company?  We are happy to set up a virtual meeting to take you on a detailed tour or to answer any questions you have.  Request a demo here.