Field Works 365 is a product of 4CTechnologies.  Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we have been in business since 1986.  The core of our service is business consulting and software engineering, and our firm specializes in custom application development, business intelligence solutions, and software customization / implementation services.

Organizations of all sizes and industries gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by working with our team. No two solutions are ever the same, and our depth of experience helps bring your solution to life quickly.

Field Works 365 was created by custom software development company, 4CTechnologies

Introducing Field Works 365:

Over the years, however, our custom team was in constant demand, building complex custom applications related to scheduling and dispatching, timesheets and tickets, well as order and customer management.  We believe we have a good understanding of the challenges and pain points that are associated with these processes.  We know every business has its own special needs, and we have taken care to be as flexible as possible.  Furthermore, we know there is a need for a product like Field Works 365 in many industries.  We can see that other software offerings available in the marketplace today are too expensive, limiting, and/or too confusing to understand. So, we decided to create and launch Field Works 365 to help companies like you grow and gain success. 

Want to gain some insight into how Field Works 365 could work for your company?  We are happy to set up a virtual meeting to take you on a detailed tour or to answer any questions you have.  Request a demo here.