Field Data: Timesheets / Tickets

You may be doing your best to manage field data collection with a spreadsheet and even more daunting, paper and pencil.  Imagine a world where you could have this information digitally!  Field Works 365 is your alternative to big name software solution.  Take back your time, and get better, easier, faster access to your timesheets and ticket data.

Field Works 365 benefits for Timesheets and/or Tickets

Explore some interesting benefits for your Field Data (Timesheets and/or Tickets)


Get the right data back from the field

  • Field Works 365 allows your office teams to configure charges the way that you need them for payroll and billing – including by customer and job so that your field teams don’t have to worry about these details when recording charges.
  • Gather data in support of both billing and payroll – streamlining back office operations.


Make sure that all your revenue is accounted for - while accelerating company cashflow

  • Have a clear accounting of open timesheets and tickets – no more having paperwork lost in someone’s car.
  • Get data back from the field as it is entered – jumpstart your billing process!

Ensure your data is clean.

  • Electronic transmittal ensures that you don’t have to read through scribbled notes and coffee stains.
  • Never worry about lost paperwork again.
  • Receipt of data in electronic format means savings on data entry expenses.

Plan for offline accessibility

  • Not all jobsites have cellular connections.
  • Field Works 365 is accessible offline, synching data whenever a connection is available.