Job & Order Management

Don’t spend your day looking through stacks of paperwork, connect your field and office seamlessly, and focus on more important work like growing your business and taking care of your clients.

Field Works 365 benefits for job management & Order management

Trust that your agreements, requests, and billing is as accurate as possible

Construction crew working at night

Order Management

  • Ensure that all incoming orders are correctly mapped to your specific customer agreements – allowing you to get ahead of requests that you may not be able to cleanly bill.

Customer Management

  • Have an easy view of your customer engagement at your fingertips – easily see all customers, contracts, orders, and charges to a given customer.
  • Track and manage customer contacts for a clear view of customer activity by specific contacts.

Employee / Staff Management

  • Use “roles” to manage staff based on capabilities, certifications and/or other criteria.
  • Create and manage “crews” to allow you to manage groups of employees effectively.

Equipment Management

  • Manage equipment types and their eligibility for assignment to customer agreements/ contracts.
  • Staff confirm equipment assignments as part of order confirmations – ensuring that the right people and equipment arrive at the job site.