Most similar solutions available in the marketplace today charge a hefty licensing fee for each employee authorized to use the software, regardless of their level of usage.  Seem kind of expensive, right?  Yet many companies are paying dearly year after year for their software because there are simply no other tools or alternatives available.

The Difference of Usage Based Pricing

Field Works 365 challenges this conventional model by offering all of our clients an attractive “usage based” alternative. We believe this method of pricing will revolutionize the way you do business.  Because it is “usage based” – you only pay for this software when Field Works 365 is accessed by your back office or field staff each day.  Simply said, you will not pay a cent until your staff accesses Field Works 365.

Pricing benefits

This allows you to better manage your operations budget because your cost will be lower during seasonal shifts in your activity or a down time in sales at your business.  This is especially good news for smaller companies that simply cannot afford to invest in a big name software solution – and are doing their best to manage field data collection with a spreadsheet and even more daunting, paper and pencil.

Your invoice will arrive monthly, and it will show line-item detail of your charges.  You can add and delete users as your business grows or shifts. Your pricing profile will be established as part of your onboarding with Field Works 365.  But your cost per unique daily user can be as low as fifty cents!

Want to hear more?  Ask for a demo or complete the contact form on our website.  We will review our approach to training and support, and we will be glad to share a sample fee worksheet — as well as more specific details about our pricing approach.